It's Really Now $2.5 Trillion

And worldwide it is even greater. This means we are now in a "Capital Surplus Market." And it is a very big market indeed. The Private Equity funds have gathered far more capital than they have opportunities to invest.

The focus has shifted to small-to-medium-cap companies. This history of Private Equity has been focused on large and very-large cap companies. But, those deals are pretty much dried up. So, a refocus is happening and that refocus is causing a "Capital Surplus Market."

If you think your medium-cap company was too small for Private Equity, well, that is no longer so.

And we are here to help you find the capital investment you can use to exit from your company when you are ready. You do not need to sell your company outright either.

And You Can Have a Partial Sale

Moving from a Capital Scarcity Market to a Capital Surplus Market is actually quite a momentous occasion. In the history of capital investing this shift is quite significant indeed.

And, while the estimates vary, the Private Equity investors hold somewhere near $2.5 trillion of UNinvested funds. As the owner or co-owner of a small-to-mid-cap company you have a unique opportunity.

We invite you to focus on this and to do it with us. We know this market and we know how to create a valuable financial statement package for you to maximize your market-sales-price.

And, you can, if you choose, sell only a portion of your company and remain in management if you choose.