We're Looking Ahead

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Sometimes it just takes a fresh point of view. We've added to normal Investment Banking Services our Executive Coaching Service. In each room of senior executives we always have a unique mix of experience in most of the key areas of business that are needed. And, along with that experience we bring our own investment banking skill-set as well.



Our Services

Our services include corporate investment banking focuses along with executive coaching. We cover your financial and leadership needs.

Your Goals

Our focus on corporate finance enables us to provide the best possible outcomes from mergers, acquisitions, FPOs, venture capital and new capital. 


Corporate Financial Services

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We work with our clients in these arenas:

  • Exit strategy - to enable you to sell your business
  • Mergers - to facilitate the best outcome for our client either as buyer or seller
  • Acquisitions - so much hinges on proper tax strategy along with product and inventory merges
  • Refinancing Debt - adding to or replacing existing capital sources can be quite complex
  • Venture Capital - often one thinks that venture capital is for startups, but it can be a valuable source of intermediate and bridge financing as well
  • IPO Planning and Execution - while we do not underwrite initial public offerings, we do work with you to plan for and execute the best set of options

Executive Coaching Services

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Executive Coaching Realigns Senior Management

The entire senior management team often needs new ideas and new perspectives regarding their leadership which, quite frankly, really needs to come from the outside.

Often the senior leadership can become repetitive or unfocused on the current situation and how to generate easier growth. Things change a lot nowadays and often that change happens very quickly without your necessarily knowing it happened.

Fresh ideas are needed and, too, sometimes a refocusing on one's personal leadership style can cause an expanded and more inclusive approach.

Change happens and often the senior leadership group are the first to need to heed these changes and to shift how they go about leading. The goal is to introduce relaxed and more harmonious ways to lead one's "troop".