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We focus on two key markets:
Information Technology and BioMed

Our Focuses Are: IT Technology and BioMed

Our Acquisitions Practice provides advisory services to owners and acquirers of middle-market companies with revenues in the range of $25 to $300 million.

We advise you with a wide range of critical strategic and financial transaction-related matters. We create long-term relationships with clients as their independent adviser on strategic matters with a focus on acquisitions.

We work with firms in the IT Technology and BioMed arenas to optimize their exit/liquidity alternatives. We assist in confidentially selling or recapitalizing your business. We also work with leading strategic and financial buyers to source and execute acquisitions.

Our team is highly qualified and experienced to plan for and execute a strategic growth plan using acquisitions.


Bio Med - Growth Industry


Bio Med has the advantage of promising great benefits to people's health. It has, however, long lead times, and often significant investment to create a new product and bring it to market.

And when finding appropriate company buys, one has to look right into the long-term nature of this business.

It takes an investment banking firm that knows this industry to be responsive to those needs.

IT Tech Industry

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IT Tech is the polar opposite to Bio Med. Often the product creation phase is low cost but highly specialized. It carries with it description jargon not standard nor initially grasped by investment bankers. That is where we come in.

We know that there are two kinds of IT tech insofar as software development is concerned: "platform technology" and "applications technology."

We know both and work with developers to shape their creations to match market expectations and focuses for their financial growth.