About Us

We create a teamwork approach matching our skills to your needs.

  • Our Coaching Team

    We offer an experienced C-level team for our coaching.

  • Our Bio-Med Team

    We specialize in Bio-Medical industry.

  • Mergers & Exits

    Mergers and Exits are always complex.

Created in 1997 At a Coffee Shop

A group of us were relaxing on a wonderful, sunny spring, late morning. We had been pondering a lot about the growth in mid-New Jersey of IT Tech and Bio-Med companies. Wall Street was not able to respond to these mid-level sized companies focused as it was on mega-global-deals.

There was certainly a market, a mid-level-market, that we knew our combined skill-set could address and do it locally. We had all commuted to NYC a lot and found living and working in mid-NJ a better way to spend our time.

And we knew that management styles and focuses were changing which meant we could bring Executive-Level-Coaching into the mix of Investment Banking services.

And thus was born a new entity - a mid-level Investment Banking Company combining our considerable group-experience into a responsive and effective team effort. And, so, here we are.

We Are a Talented Group

talented group 1

All five of us are graduates from many of the leading investment banking firms. We cover the Bio Med and IT Tech fields in some considerable depth.

But, we aim for all manner of small-mid-cap industry leaders in all fields of endeavor. Quite frankly, like many of our potential client-companies, we found locating in suburban and even a country location the wise thing to do. Saves you travel to NYC and us too!